Weekly Programmable Digital Timer Switch

Weekly Programmable Digital Timer Switch
Product Details




●This product is used for AC power plug time control, apply to the timer control on the appliance in the home and company
●Adopt plug-in direct insert type, impact design
●LCD display, 24 hours display mode.
●Achieve control the on/off of power for various time
ity will be more convenient, save energy and safe.



●Setup 20pcs on time and 20pcs off time for whole day
●Set different day control time based on unit of day, seven days is a cycle
●Low consumption design, power-off display and setup function, which is convenient and safe.
●One key set Auto, on, off mode.
●Lock function by key, which avoid any incorrect operation.
●Reset key to reset all the parameters
●Accuracy clock, setup of clock is easy

●Reference voltage (Un):
110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
●Normal work voltage: 80%~120%Un
●Limit work voltage: 70%~130%Un
●Max current (Imax):BKT10BL 10A
●Reference frequency:50Hz, 60Hz
●Max power: Un*Imax
●Plug-in: Chinese standard, Japanese standard, European Standard, British style and United State standard.
●Accuracy of clock: 1s/d
●Power consumption<0.5W
●Working life:not less than 5 years (except battery)
●Size of the appearance:(mm):106*56*66) (include plug-in)

Working temperature: -20~55

Max temperature of enclosure≤70

Limit working temperature: -25~60

Protection class: IP 20

Store and ship temperature: -30~70

Relative humidity:=<95%

Atmosphere pressure63kPa~106.0kPa




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