LED Emergency Power Kit/conversion Kit LED Emergency Driver

LED Emergency Power Kit/conversion Kit LED Emergency Driver
Product Details


   The SMART LED emergency lighting module is designed to convert a wide range of Led types which makes led light full power emergency.

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This is used   as LED emergency light power supply, installed in the LED ceiling light External   power supply indicate, charging state indicate, fault light indicate, out   going line installation

External   testing button, which can check the working state of equipment at any time

It fits for   installation with infrared body sensor switch and smart radar switch etc.,   which easily achieve combining with smart sensor lighting and emergency   lighting


Setup different   emergency power, voltage, current and working time based on LED

There is high-energy   battery inside; the working temperature range is wide

   Inside LED driving power supply, which associated with switch used for normal lighting (not emergency mode)

Easy for installation,   long emergency time, safe and reliability

Automatically testing mode, one time short test every   week, one time capacity test every 6 months

Protection of battery polarity reversal and deep discharge

Open-circuit fault of LED   light indication

Charging state indicate

External power supply   indicate

Optional manual experiment   switch

Material of enclosure is   PC


Rated power voltage90V-280V

Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz

Stand-by consumption: ≤0.5W

Power factor: ≥0.87-0.95

Over-voltage protection: 320V

Power of inside LED driver12W

Output current of inside LED driver (constant current):300mA

Power of emergency LED:3W

Discharge time ≥3 hours   

LED forward voltage range: 18-46v

Output current (constant current) 100mA 

Battery’s spec. 1800mAh7.2V

Charging time ≤24 hours

Working life: not less then 5 years (except battery)

Size of the appearance (mm): emergency control box 120*80*32, battery inside


Working temperature: -20~55

Max temperature of enclosure≤70

Limit working temperature: -25~60

Protection class: IP 20

Store and ship temperature: -30~70

Relative humidity:=<95%

Atmosphere pressure63kPa~106.0kPa




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