Smart DIN Rail Three Phase Energy Meter

Smart DIN Rail Three Phase Energy Meter
Product Details
Three Phase 3 wire/4 wire DIN Guide Rail Electric Energy Meter

DTS732-DIN-L1 2.jpg

This is used for three phase four wire active energy measuring.

 It adopts DIN rail installation type, compact design, LCD display

 record active total energy. Display range: 5+1,6+1.

 Its performance complies with IEC62053-11, IEC62053-21 standards

Reference voltage (Un)

3*110V, 3*120V, 3*220V,3*230V,3*240V

Normal work voltage


Limit work voltage


Current spec. Ib(Imax)


Reference frequency

50Hz, 60Hz

Starting current


Connection type choice

three phase four wires,up in down out, L1,L1,L2,L2,L3,L3,N,N,  

Impulse constant


Standard   level


Power consumption of meter


Working life

not less than 10 years

Data   store

data will always be stored after power off

)Impulse   output:

LED impulse, optical coupler output

communicating protocol



 IEC62053-11, 62053-21

Working temperature


Limit working temperature


Store and ship temperature


Relative humidity:


Atmosphere pressure


Accuracy active energy

 No maintenance


1.Total energy= positive active+negative active

2. Display function even after power off 

3. RS485 and near-infrared communicating functions

4. 12V DC voltage output function


Energy efficiency and awareness, high accuracy,balanced and safe systems


Distribution systems, Energy management

Utility power monitoring,  Secondary metering

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